grossgrisly (grossgrisly) wrote,

беларусь бросает западу "перчатку" --gauntlet

"железную руковицу", так пишет Bloomberg
Belarus Throws Down the Gauntlet to the West
Sunday’s unprecedented forced landing of a Ryanair flight, allowing a journalist on board to be arrested, demands an uncompromising response.

и это требует бескомпромисного ответа!
Many details are still murky, including what role — if any — Russia played. One conclusion is, however, already clear: Seizing a dissident out of the sky, in violation of international air travel rules, could create a precedent for far larger authoritarian states to follow, including China..
т.е. и Китай может, в принципе, последовать этому дурному примеру, если не принять мер..

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